Monday, February 6, 2012

December part 1


December was one busy month for us Hyders! But it was one of the best months yet! 

We started celebrating christmas with my family...
 We decorated the tree with the missionaries, watched movies, ate yummy home cooked meals, had some sister time, went to the pet store, had lunch with grandpa, watched Jade play volleyball, went to the boat parade with grandma went to sea world and we even go to go to disneyland with the Fleckners!


We had so much fun watching Jaden play volleyball, he team defiantly wouldn't be the same without her. She is so athletic and looks so natural at what she does. 


The night before I picked up Andrew from the airport I went at stayed at Grandma Cassies, we had a fun time watching the christmas boat parade and then doing the two things i can always count on my grandma for...playing cards and eating delicious mexican food. Andrew caught on real fast to Grandmas love for both those things and we enjoyed every second.

It was so fun to be home for a longer period of time than normal. Jaden made sure we used some of her birthday gift cards every chance we could get, and I even talked Jen into going to sushi with Mom and Dad and I. 

Sea World was a blast, maybe its the little kid in me or maybe its because a couple years ago i had the best day with my best friends there. But oh my goodness I love sea world!  Andrew hadn't been to Sea World in years and so it was so fun for him to experience one of my favorite places. I love seeing all the animals and being able to get so close so most of them. It really makes you think about all of heavenly fathers creations and what amazing creatures they are. 

It was fun to have the missionaries help us decorate the tree cuz I think a few of us hoped that someone would include our missionary in fun christmas activities. There is nothing like being home for simply family traditions. No matter how old I get, nothing puts me in the christmas spirit like putting ornaments on the tree. 

Poor Andrew is such an amazing husband that he stayed in Utah to work a little while longer while I came home and played a little early, so that is why he isn't in many of these picture.

On Wednesday before grandpas surgery I got to go to the usual wednesday Lunch and it was so fun to send one on one time with my mom and grandpa. He told us story after story and it made me realize that I need to start writing them down.
(but we will save that for a later post)

I just love these two.

While we were home we also got to stay the night at the Fleckners and then go to DIsneyland with them. Eric found a way to get us tickets and we had the most perfect time. We got to go on all the good rides and hardly waited in line... which was defiantly a christmas miracle. It was so fun to spend time with them, and it defiantly made us miss our rexburg days when we were neighbors even more!


I have realized something lately. When it comes to my household wifely duties i tend to be more efficient when i am avoiding one particular task in particular. And ever since october that one particular task has been blogging. I don't know why, I just knew i was so behind and I just did everything I could to avoid it. But after being called out on my lack of recent posts it has encouraged me to suck it up and get back into it. And this year  my goal is to write more in each post...

So here it goes!


I graduated Cosmetology School! Woooo hoooo! I can't believe the day finally came and went. Graduating was such a bitter sweet experience saying by to all of my hair school be sties that I spent every single day and most nights with. Lets just say I cried a little, ok, a lot. Taylor Andrews was such a great experience for me, it taught me so much and it was one of the best times of my life. Towards the end I was doing at least 52 hour weeks full of studying, and taking clients. And then at the end I was fortunate to pass both my state tests on my first try, and complete my hours before the end of the year.

On my last day I went to lunch with all the girls to celebrate, and they decided they would each say something they love about me and wow, did it make my day even more special. I had no idea how much i had impacted them, when i thought they were the ones who had left a lasting impressing on me.

Later that night we went to cpk to celebrate with Eric, Ariana, Kira, and Paige. 
It was so fun to just relax with my favorite people and feel so accomplished at the same time. 

*Thank you to Eric and Ari for being so unbelievably loving and letting us cram your space for a month while I finished school. It was such a huge blessing to us to in more ways than we can explain. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

October... where did you go?

October came and went faster than I could comprehend this year.
We didn't even get to carve pumpkins, oh well there is always next year!

 The most exciting part of my month was when I passed my State Practical test to get my Cosmetology license. 
After much preparation I could not have felt more relief! 
We celebrated by going out to Sushi for lunch and the Cheesecake Factory for dinner (thanks to papa J).

In the meantime we have found an apartment in Salt Lake City.
However, all the units are full so we are on the waiting list.
They suggested that I call as often as I would like to see if there is an opening.

So let's just say McKenna (the receptionist) and I are basically BFF's now
We talk almost every day ;)

Cross your fingers for us!!!

For Halloween we were invited to Ryan and Alex Ford's cabin up in Heber.
We all went bowling in our halloween costumes and then went to the cabin to watch a scary movie... since it wasn't already scary enough being in the middle of no where.


I didnt take any pictures so these are compliments of brittney.

Sister Weekend

Jenee came up to visit this weekend,
And it couldn't have been more fun!

...the best part might have been everyone telling us we look like twins. 
Such a compliment to me!

On friday she came to school with me and experienced her first day in Cosmetology school. 
Lucky for her we played "Minute to Win it- Hair edition" and we had a blast.

Next we gave her a little boliage,


Then she got a manicure,

And of course we had to squeeze in some shopping at Old Navy and Forever 21.

 We met Andrew for Dinner...

And we woke up Sunday morning to snow kissed tree's and rooftops! Nothing starts the holidays like a couple inches of snow. Jenee wasn't too thrilled. After church, the rest of the day was full of relaxing and then lots and lots of packing.

 It was so fun to have so much sister time all weekend. I showed her the light and had her try her first texas Roadhouse steak dinner and then we saw Footloose with Ariana. I loved being with Jenee all weekend and I hope we can make these weekend trips happen more often. I can't wait for next year when she moves here for college!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Favorites

1. FIRST, and foremost...
Are you ready for it?
Drum roll please.....


But seriously, I am so happy and SO proud of him.
I can't wait for our new life in Salt Lake City.

...he loves when i make him smile for pictures all the time.
He will thank me later.

2. Lately I may or may not have been rather obsessed with dogs.
I just want a tiny little friend to love, play with and take care of.
Baby hungry much? Nah, not me.

So our friends recently got an ABSOLUTELY, ADORABLE puppy.
...and i couldn't be more jealous.

How could you not love this thing?
If anyone is feeling generous... I would be more than grateful!
Just sayin :)

3. The other day Andrew threw some trash away on the way to the car...
BUT, accidentally forgot to hold on to the keys.

4. Callie's Wedding. 
One of my good friends from Hair School got married this last weekend.
Everything about the reception couldn't have been more adorable.

5. Late night B&R.
Mmm, mmm, mm.

There is nothing better than being married.
Let alone being married to your best friend.
Everyone warned us that the first year would be so hard.
And I know I can speak for both of us when I say that it has been the exact opposite.
No lie.
It could not be better.
Somehow everyday when I think I could not love him more...
I do.

(this was from last summer on our date in San Francisco)