Sunday, July 31, 2011


July has been the most perfect summer month.

First we flew to Danville to hang out with ALL the Hyder's one last time before Brent made the big move to Japan. 

work it girl...

We went boating, got pedicures, and had a couple BBQ's.
We had a blast, but most of all 
it was so nice to be home and be with our family. 

Next Jaden, Jenee, and Brooke stayed with us for a night before EFY and Volleyball camp.

Jade and I in her dorm.

We played games, watched movies, ate popsicles, cut and colored Jenee's hair, got smoothies, and it couldn't have been more fun. 
But somehow this ended up being the only picture we took all weekend. 
Oh well, guess they have to come up again soon so we can take more pictures!

The last big thing we got to do this month was go to Temecula for Josh's farewell.
I had many bitter sweet feelings going into it, but in the end it was mostly sweet.

I love my missionary!

On Wednesday Andrew and I got to pick Josh up from Salt Lake City airport and spend the morning with him before he entered the MTC.

While waiting in the parking lot we saw 2 great things.
1. A mom of a missionary that was about to enter the MTC for the first time was using a lint roller to get lint off of her sons suitcases. 
We were dying laughing, Im sure she had the best of intentions, she just wanted to make sure her son was ready. 

I may or may not have snuck a picture.

2. The second thing that happened as we were casually waiting in the parking lot was my favorite sister missionary just happened to walk by!

Yep, Sister Tenney in the flesh :)
She was so happy and is loving the MTC, she loves her companion and is having a blast learning russian and devoting herself to the gospel.
It was soo good to see her and to give her one last big hug before she leaves us for the people of Russia. 

All in all we had a great month of July, filled with lots of family time!
Good luck to Sister Tenney and Elder Hjelmstad!

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