Monday, November 7, 2011

October... where did you go?

October came and went faster than I could comprehend this year.
We didn't even get to carve pumpkins, oh well there is always next year!

 The most exciting part of my month was when I passed my State Practical test to get my Cosmetology license. 
After much preparation I could not have felt more relief! 
We celebrated by going out to Sushi for lunch and the Cheesecake Factory for dinner (thanks to papa J).

In the meantime we have found an apartment in Salt Lake City.
However, all the units are full so we are on the waiting list.
They suggested that I call as often as I would like to see if there is an opening.

So let's just say McKenna (the receptionist) and I are basically BFF's now
We talk almost every day ;)

Cross your fingers for us!!!

For Halloween we were invited to Ryan and Alex Ford's cabin up in Heber.
We all went bowling in our halloween costumes and then went to the cabin to watch a scary movie... since it wasn't already scary enough being in the middle of no where.


I didnt take any pictures so these are compliments of brittney.

Sister Weekend

Jenee came up to visit this weekend,
And it couldn't have been more fun!

...the best part might have been everyone telling us we look like twins. 
Such a compliment to me!

On friday she came to school with me and experienced her first day in Cosmetology school. 
Lucky for her we played "Minute to Win it- Hair edition" and we had a blast.

Next we gave her a little boliage,


Then she got a manicure,

And of course we had to squeeze in some shopping at Old Navy and Forever 21.

 We met Andrew for Dinner...

And we woke up Sunday morning to snow kissed tree's and rooftops! Nothing starts the holidays like a couple inches of snow. Jenee wasn't too thrilled. After church, the rest of the day was full of relaxing and then lots and lots of packing.

 It was so fun to have so much sister time all weekend. I showed her the light and had her try her first texas Roadhouse steak dinner and then we saw Footloose with Ariana. I loved being with Jenee all weekend and I hope we can make these weekend trips happen more often. I can't wait for next year when she moves here for college!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Favorites

1. FIRST, and foremost...
Are you ready for it?
Drum roll please.....


But seriously, I am so happy and SO proud of him.
I can't wait for our new life in Salt Lake City.

...he loves when i make him smile for pictures all the time.
He will thank me later.

2. Lately I may or may not have been rather obsessed with dogs.
I just want a tiny little friend to love, play with and take care of.
Baby hungry much? Nah, not me.

So our friends recently got an ABSOLUTELY, ADORABLE puppy.
...and i couldn't be more jealous.

How could you not love this thing?
If anyone is feeling generous... I would be more than grateful!
Just sayin :)

3. The other day Andrew threw some trash away on the way to the car...
BUT, accidentally forgot to hold on to the keys.

4. Callie's Wedding. 
One of my good friends from Hair School got married this last weekend.
Everything about the reception couldn't have been more adorable.

5. Late night B&R.
Mmm, mmm, mm.

There is nothing better than being married.
Let alone being married to your best friend.
Everyone warned us that the first year would be so hard.
And I know I can speak for both of us when I say that it has been the exact opposite.
No lie.
It could not be better.
Somehow everyday when I think I could not love him more...
I do.

(this was from last summer on our date in San Francisco)

Labor Day Fun

To start off fall the right way we took advantage of our first opportunity to go camping over labor day weekend with Eric and Ari. 
Provo canyon is absolutely stunning this time of year so that is exactly where we went.

We spent the day fishing and enjoying each others company, and then it was back to camp for hotdogs and a game of horse shoes. 
There is nothing like being outside... especially living in utah so close to these beautiful mountains.
We are truly blessed, and we know it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer lovin.

Throughout the time we have spent living in here we continuously fall in love with it even more. 
Even if its Provo.
Even if its Utah.
Every month we find little hidden treasures that are unlike anything we have ever seen.
This is one of our most favorite places and its only 20 minutes away.
American Fork Canyon. 
                                   Absolutely breathtaking.

August was full of lots of outdoor time soaking up any sun we could find. 
And when i saw "we" i mostly mean me.
While I was soaking up the sun, you could always find Andrew right next to me fishing his heart out.

 ...and for all of you that were wondering, no i do not have kankels.

This new fishing hobby is a work in progress, and with every new thing you have to start small right?
...Even if all you catch is one 3inch fish.

I still love him :)

We cant wait to go back this fall to see all the leaves change right before our eyes.

Next we found another little hidden treasure of Utah called "The Grotto". 
One night we decided to go with Brittany and Jesse on a short drive up Payson canyon to the legendary Grotto.

 I may or may not be wearing the same dress as in the above fishing trip.
oh well, I love the dress.

After admiring the grotto, we decided to hike up the mountain a little bit and found some amazing views.

It was defiantly a sight to see.

We love living so close to our good friends Brittney and Jesse.
The best part is that we don't have to be doing anything and we all still have a blast.