Monday, November 7, 2011

October... where did you go?

October came and went faster than I could comprehend this year.
We didn't even get to carve pumpkins, oh well there is always next year!

 The most exciting part of my month was when I passed my State Practical test to get my Cosmetology license. 
After much preparation I could not have felt more relief! 
We celebrated by going out to Sushi for lunch and the Cheesecake Factory for dinner (thanks to papa J).

In the meantime we have found an apartment in Salt Lake City.
However, all the units are full so we are on the waiting list.
They suggested that I call as often as I would like to see if there is an opening.

So let's just say McKenna (the receptionist) and I are basically BFF's now
We talk almost every day ;)

Cross your fingers for us!!!

For Halloween we were invited to Ryan and Alex Ford's cabin up in Heber.
We all went bowling in our halloween costumes and then went to the cabin to watch a scary movie... since it wasn't already scary enough being in the middle of no where.


I didnt take any pictures so these are compliments of brittney.

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