Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer lovin.

Throughout the time we have spent living in here we continuously fall in love with it even more. 
Even if its Provo.
Even if its Utah.
Every month we find little hidden treasures that are unlike anything we have ever seen.
This is one of our most favorite places and its only 20 minutes away.
American Fork Canyon. 
                                   Absolutely breathtaking.

August was full of lots of outdoor time soaking up any sun we could find. 
And when i saw "we" i mostly mean me.
While I was soaking up the sun, you could always find Andrew right next to me fishing his heart out.

 ...and for all of you that were wondering, no i do not have kankels.

This new fishing hobby is a work in progress, and with every new thing you have to start small right?
...Even if all you catch is one 3inch fish.

I still love him :)

We cant wait to go back this fall to see all the leaves change right before our eyes.

Next we found another little hidden treasure of Utah called "The Grotto". 
One night we decided to go with Brittany and Jesse on a short drive up Payson canyon to the legendary Grotto.

 I may or may not be wearing the same dress as in the above fishing trip.
oh well, I love the dress.

After admiring the grotto, we decided to hike up the mountain a little bit and found some amazing views.

It was defiantly a sight to see.

We love living so close to our good friends Brittney and Jesse.
The best part is that we don't have to be doing anything and we all still have a blast.