Sunday, June 12, 2011

As of late.

Catch up time.
I feel like I say that every time I blog now.
Its just not one of my strengths these days.
Maybe I'll make it my 2012 new years resolution...
Or maybe I should just try harder now?
hah. I'll think about it.

So lately these Hyders have been super busy with school and work.
But we do have some pretty exciting news!!!
Guess who is the new Merchandise Specialist at Old Navy in Orem , UT???
Yep, its my main man. 
He did it.
After working at this store for a little over a month and a little help from his big brother. 
And when it comes to school, I have just hit 1000 hours in the cosmetology program, which means I am half way there! 
Now just cross your fingers I can manage to graduate by Thanksgiving.
Thats the goal.

Other than that, there isn't anything else exciting going on around here. 
Andrew's parents and sister came to visit a couple weeks ago and it was a blast!
It was so fun to be with family all weekend,
and to feel so so taken care of by Brent and Wendy!

We even managed to squeeze in Family Pictures.

This one is my personal fav.

Next we have quite a few things to look forward to...

Tressa leaves on her mission to Russia at the end of this month.

I'm going to miss this girl.
There isn't anyone I know that is more loving, sincere, funny, athletic, caring, spontaneous, and just the BEST best friend. 
The people of Russia are incredibly blessed to have such a strong, smart and amazing women teach them the gospel. 
She will be amazing,
cuz she always is.


Andrew and I are going to Danville for the 4th of July!

And we couldn't be more excited to be with the fam.
We are gonna go out on the boat and I cant wait!

Back in April we went out on the Delta and had a blast just being in the sun all day.

  The delta.


 We are excited to come home to Temecula for Josh's mission farewell.


Like Tressa, Josh will be an extraordinary missionary.
I look up to him in every way possible. 
He has such an unshakeable testimony and has for years. 
I know with out a doubt his soft heart and sweet spirit will be felt by the Argentine people daily. 

Maybe because I don't know any different, but Josh was the best brother I could ever ask for. 
He always lightened the mood when the house of girls got a bit over dramatic,
he watched mary-kate and ashley movies with me day after day.
But most of all he was always there for me as a friend.
I love him so much and I know a mission is exactly where he should be but... I am really going to miss him. 
So, so much.
I even found a guy to marry so he could finally have a brother and now he is leaving for 2 years?
Rude. Ok fine, im kidding.
I'm really going to miss him.