Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easter fun

We spent our first easter in Temecula with my family.
It was so fun to see everyone and for Andrew to get to know them all better.

This is Joey, our families newest dog. 
There is seriously nothing cuter.
I wanted to take him to provo with us more than anything.

Grandma and Melanie

My absolutely beautiful momma.


(sidenote... look how well she pulls off dark hair. She makes me think i could too, but lets be real she could pull anything off. )

Grandpa and Frannie

The newlyweds :)

Ty and Josh
...almost the same height!

Mom and Dad
...Still madly in love after 24 years. ( i think?)

The J crew + Andrew

The Heiners.

Mom and Josh


Dad and my tiny tiny Grandma

It was so fun to see everyone, and it was so fun to be home!


We survived our second move as newlyweds!
Its started like this....

And now its been about two and a half weeks,
 and we are all unpacked and settled.

And oh boy do I love that feeling.
This place is a lot bigger than we expected so we are still on the look out for more furniture.
Everything is a work in progress.

Address update:
720 E. Center st. #3
Provo, Ut 84606

Hopefully we will be here longer than the last place!